Bushwick Music Lessons

Hi, my name is Matt and I teach and play guitar.

Guitar Lessons


Hi, I'm Matt and I teach guitar. I know what it's like, trying to learn on your own with Youtube videos and online lessons, and it can be not only tough, but boring. My goal is to make music lessons as fun and engaging as possible while designing each lesson specifically to each student's musical tastes and needs.

The best part of our lessons is always the coffee shop jam we hold twice a year to let students play out in public.

Prices below are for lessons at my Bushwick music studio. I teach out of my home studio in Bushwick and in the West Village area.

  • Weekly Private Guitar Lessons - $50/ hour

  • One-time Lessons - $70/hour


The Studio - Where I’ve got plenty of extra instruments and recording equipment. If the weather is nice there is room to practice outside on the balcony.

About Me

I have been teaching music for twelve years. I earned my B.A. in Music from Belmont University and I'm currently working towards a M.M. in Songwriting at NYU. I co-founded Nashville Rock band The Delta Saints, have performed guitar in the musical Wicked on broadway, and have written and performed with artists like Steuart Smith of The Eagles and Tony-nominated Jeremy Pope. I produce, perform, teach, and write music based out of my home studio with my wife in Brooklyn, NY.



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